Spring Color Trend: Blush Pink

Spring Color Trend: Blush Pink


Blush Pink is definitely this year’s #1 spring color. When the light pink shade was just beginning to gain its popularity, I did have some mixed feelings about it. This is because I had always seen the color being worn on girls with blonde hair and totally rocking it, but never on brunettes. Considering I have dark brown hair; I just couldn’t picture how this color would look on me. Although that all changed when I came across this velvet blush pink top from Misguided. I knew it was time for me to give this color a shot, and prove that brunettes can rock this color too. And let me tell you something blush pink is 100% a color for anyone!

Take into consideration I’m not much of a “Pink” kind of girl to begin with, so I decided to pair this top with my favorite color, BLACK. Here I’m wearing a black leather jacket purchased from a local boutique, black jeans from American Eagle, and my black knee high leather boots from Stuart Weitzman. At first I thought the black might drown out the blush pink top, but it did the complete opposite. The black totally made the pink pop! I also threw on my round Ray Ban sunglasses which ended up matching my top perfectly, and completed my entire look. I fell in love with this look and even more with this color!

I’m sure some of you are thinking this isn’t a very “Spring” outfit! Well considering today’s the first day of spring, and New York City is still bundled up like it’s the first day of winter, I have to dress for the weather! But this outfit is perfect for the colder spring days, where you are trying to get a taste of spring in your outfit, but still trying to keep warm!


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xox Amanda


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