How to wear cropped flared jeans

How to wear cropped flared jeans

Do you remember when all you would ever see anyone wearing was the basic skinny jean? Thankfully fashion icons have brought new denim styles into trend that will make you want to broaden your denim horizons. One style in particular is the cropped flare jean; which is literally a shortened pair of flare jeans. The good thing about them is they are great for winter, because they don’t come anywhere near the ground, like regular flares, and they look amazing with booties.

I had to wear these cropped flares a few times before I got the outfit right. Now that I nailed the look I have a few tips on what works and what doesn’t when wearing crop flared jeans.


If you’re petite (like me) investing in a high-waisted jean will make you feel and look more comfortable in your jeans. One of the issues I had when shopping around for a crop flared jean was that I kept feeling like they made me look even shorter than I already am! The great thing about high- waisted jeans though is that it will elongate your legs because they sit higher up  and deceivingly make your legs appear longer!


In order to make your jeans look cropped and not like you cut them yourself or shrunk them in the wash, you need to find the perfect length. The perfect length to me is right above the ankle, because it isn’t too short where a shoe will look silly, nor too long where your legs are drowning in them. If you’re petite like me, you can consider buying “short” sizes, this will ensure the length isn’t too long!


Wearing a heel or bootie heel with these jeans tops off the whole look. They make you look taller and slimmer, a win, win! If you’re not into heels then try dressing down the look with a cool graphic tee, and a pair of sneakers. This will give you some major NYC street style vibes.


If you opt to wearing a “flowy” top with your crop flared jeans like I did in this blog post, then tuck in your shirt! I realized that flowy shirts, with the flare bottom DO NOT look good together. I recommend tucking it in (if possible) or wearing a tight-fitting shirt.

Crop flare jeans are a closet essential, they can be worn throughout the seasons when styled the right way! The more you play with them, the more versatility you’ll find them.



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