Welcome to The Manhattan Mini. My name is Amanda, I’m currently a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I study Advertising and Marketing Communications. I’m a New York native, who has always had a love for fashion. Throughout my posts you will get a taste of my flux style, and what it’s like to be a “Mini” girl attending college in the “BIG” apple!

You will notice that the streets of NYC have become my runway, and many of the people walking the streets are my daily inspiration. You will also notice I don’t have one distinct everyday style, but instead I allow my style to constantly change. Because why should you limit yourself to one specific style, when there’s so many different ones you can choose from? I also believe that you don’t ALWAYS need to shop with the most expensive brands to stay on trend. If you like something buy it! It’s important to buy what makes you feel, and look good!  Although you will sometimes catch me styling luxury pieces with my more affordable ones. My favorite part about the fashion world is experimenting with different pieces from an array of different stores, and brands.

I created The Manhattan Mini because I have always had a desire to start something on my own and watch it grow. Doing what I am most passionate about is what drives me every day. Considering I am an avid lover of both fashion and writing, I realized blogging is the perfect fit. I hope that throughout my blog I will not only inspire other women to experiment with different styles, but to also follow their dreams!